Aluminium hard landscape edging

The fast, elegant and environmentally friendly solution to hard landscape edging

Simple, strong and effective

The concept of edging hard surfaces with aluminium has clear and definite benefits:

  • Fast, efficient installation
  • Durable, versatile and recycable material
  • Enhanced, creative landscape design

AluExcel®: designed for Architects, Contractors and the Environment.

Enhanced, creative landscape design...

  • Clean discreet lines
  • Easily create curved or straight edges
  • Robust and versatile
  • Works with all types of hard surfacing

“Using AluExcel gives me so much more freedom with the design of paths, roads and play surfaces.”


Aluminium hard landscape edging


Time saved is money saved! Speed of installation is a major benefit of the AluExcel edging system

Fast, efficient installation

  • Up to 4x times faster installation rate
  • Potential elimination of wet trade (concrete haunching and foundation)
  • Installation is not “weather-sensitive”
  • Lightweight and robust for easy handling

The fast, elegant and environmentally friendly solution to hard landscape edging.

Install in four simple steps.

  • Ground is cleared, levelled and sub-base installed and compacted...
  • AluExcel is laid using dry mix sand/cement for levelling and...
  • ...Fixed using 250mm length fixing spikes secured into sub-base
  • Layers of surfacing are installed and compacted as normal

See how quick and easy it is to install

View installation video (4:08 mins)

“AluExcel is simple to install and saves us significant amounts of time on site.”


Aluminium hard landscape edging

Why AluExcel?

...the advantages are plain to see.

AluExcel products are Recycled and Recyclable.

  • Completely UK manufactured product from recycled alloy.
  • Lightweight and cost effective to transport.
  • Excellent whole life cost credentials.
  • Infinitely recyclable.

TickQuickly and easily formed into curves

TickAlso perfect for straight lines

TickWorks for all types of surfacing materials

TickNeat and attractive visual finish

Disadvantages of traditional methods.

  • Heavy - awkward to handle, large lorries needed to transport and site machinery needed to move around.
  • Limited or no flexibility - takes longer to form and much harder to achieve satisfactory result.
  • Stone or concrete edgings have to be set in wet concrete - requiring top surfacing delays until the concrete has cured.

CrossConcrete or Stone is labour intensive and can be unsightly

CrossTimber has a limited lifespan

CrossInflexibility of stone and concrete can limit design creativity

CrossHaunching causes die-back in soft landscaping.

“AluExcel is extremely flexible and easy to install, so with delivery times of just 2 days, made my job very easy”


Aluminium hard landscape edging


AluExcel is now available in 9 profile heights from 18mm to 150mm. All are available in flexible or rigid formats. The rigid format retains the “bar” at the leading edge of the profile foot creating additional rigidity for long straight runs.

The Product

Flexible Profile


Rigid Profile



  • 1Square edge top for feature detail and neat finish to surfacing.
  • 2Keyhole cut-out in foot design to facilitate curve formation.
  • 3Unique tapered vertical edge profile for maximum strength.
  • 4Multi-punched foot for maximum fixing versatility.
  • 5Rigid version retains bar for additional rigidity.

Product Range


Vertical wall height


Vertical wall height


Vertical wall height


Vertical wall height


Vertical wall height


Vertical wall height


Vertical wall height


Vertical wall height


Vertical wall height

“Using AluExcel gives me so much more freedom with the design of paths, roads and play surfaces.”


Aluminium hard landscape edging

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